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Let's Talk Mental Health

What is “normal”? What defines “normal”? Is normal being able to adapt to any situation without a negative feeling or emotion? Is it an outward appearance?

Our society dictates what is “normal” and “acceptable”. For centuries we, as a society, have brushed off any emotional state other than happy. We have turned a blind eye to mental health issues, signs, and symptoms. In 2020, we need to talk about mental health and the impacts of ignoring the signs.

Shows such as 13 Reasons Why have attempted to bring light to mental health. However, shows that depict mental health issues and stigma are always met with criticism when the main goal is to start a conversation.

Why is the conversation so difficult? Because mental health and mental well-being can be uncomfortable, hard, and unknowing. The unknown can bring up anxiety and fear in us. Thus, it’s easier to not have the conversation or acknowledge the symptoms/signs that someone is struggling… right?

To challenge this thought, I leave you with this.… by acknowledging that person is struggling, letting them know you see them, and encouraging them to seek assistance could change their feeling of loneliness or attempting to take their own life. Would that be worth the moments of feeling uncomfortable? Start the conversation. Help end the stigma surrounding mental health struggles.

If you are struggling you are not alone. You are worth it. I see you, I hear you. You are worth seeking help. If you are interested in beginning your mental health wellness journey reach out to us.

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